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Wedding Party... 

         When your  wedding already has the amazing organization and planning from Lauren Mestas, at Just Lovely Wedding & Event Planning, the only thing left is a little stress relief and relaxation. 


         We are honored to be providing treatments for Lauren and her team in helping make that special day even more memorable. How do we do that? Acupuncture has the amazing capacity to help give your nervous system some downtime, so that you can easily get back to calmly preparing and enjoying that big day.


         As New Mexico's Premier Wedding Planner, Lauren Mestas, is always looking at her soon to be bride as a whole person. She understands the importance of making sure that your wedding process is a healthy one, and is one of the leading Green Wedding Planners in the United States.  With this in mind, she is a strong proponent of making the wedding experience one that is beneficial to the bride and her party by utilizing Acupuncture & Facial Rejuvenation (Cosmetic Acupuncture).


Just Lovely Wedding & Event Planning

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