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       Having spent almost 2 decades in healthcare, I have spent much of my life researching and testing out many products that I believe don't disrupt our bodies many intricate systems. Products listed here are only ones that I would use on myself and loved ones. If you have any questions about them, please give us a call (505) 903-5698.


          Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It has immense functions including immunity, regulating temperature, and providing sense perceptions. We definitely don't want to clog all that up...

Real Purity Deoderant
FatWorks Pure Tallow

        After years of playing sports and sweating away all my heart fluids (nerdy acupuncture reference), and thinking I needed to use the strongest deodorant known to man...I gratefully found a way to smell like a lady again, as well as, stop absorbing harmful chemicals. 


        This deodorant keeps you perfectly dry and allows a little sweating (yes necessary to expel toxins), when you run or play any sport...the best part though, is that as you calm down and dry up, you aren't left with a weird smell.


     This lovely product has  also been tested out and enjoyed by our resident mother.



          I can see your mind turning with the question of "Why in the world did she put this under SKIN?"  Well...against the advice of my bank account, I've always been a skin care junky, and year after year I tried to eliminate more chemicals from my life.  Everyone's skin will be different on the type of fat it likes to absorb...mine doesn't care for coconut oil on my face, but it sure likes tallow. You guessed it, I use this as my facial moisturizer, and love it.


Here is a great article about why it so good for you:





          Your gut is your 2nd brain, and some would say 1st emotional center...that being said, if it's working poorly, than your life usually is too.  In Chinese Medicine, if your digestive tract (yes, the whole line) is disrupted, it will usually give you signals on your skin...and nothing you put on topically will make it go away permanently, until your heal the inside first. (actually first learned that from an amazing mentor/dermatologist...Dr. David Davis)

Aloe Juice: Whole leaf

Aloe Leaf Juice

Essential Oils


Whole Person: Essential Oils


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