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Women's Health and Fertility...


       I am lucky to have been raised by two biologists who talk openly about any health issue.  This was a great experience when it came to my health as a woman and menstruation, because I didn't grow up with a negative view of my period, and this allowed me to enjoy the experience each month without pain and discomfort.  It also allowed me to utilize chanages in my period as feedback about what was going on in my life...such as, levels of stress.

        Even in western medicine it is known that stress and our thoughts about menstruating can effect how smoothly it goes, and reintroducing women to this message is my goal for female patients.  So, Women's health is close to my heart, especially because western medicine still views some frustrating symtoms as normal, that we view as signals in chinese medicine. Your menstrual path and experience should be one of connectedness and empowerment, not pain and unhappiness.  

        All this eventually plays a roll when you start trying to have children, and thankfully many patients are using acupuncture to enhance and heal this experience.  Many Fertility doctors are encorporating acupuncturists in their protocols, and regularly referring patients to us to help in the process of regulating women's bodies. 

        It is my hope that women will seek and utlize Chinese Medicine and other natural modalities when they are young, and before they have difficulty with conceiving. Either way we are happily here to help at any stage that a woman is at. 

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